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Whenever someone searches for your service, “pest control services,” they type out a specific keyword to get the results that help them connect to the desired business. Keywords have always been an important marketing factor when you want to elevate the business ranks on Google to gain more traffic and leads. Keyword cannibalization is the common issue pest control digital marketing agencies often address to save your business from unintentional damage. Let’s find out what keyword cannibalization is and how to find and fix it. These tips will surely help you identify and fix the problem in no time.

What is Keyword Cannibalization?

Your pest control website has several pages, and you must have executed the same keyword several times to target the audience and secure the top spot on SERPs. Targeting the same keyword several times on multiple pages throughout the website is called keyword cannibalization. You might think, “isn’t it a good thing to stuff the website with keywords, so our rank gets better?” but it can ruin your SEO and dip the ranks. Instead of competing with competitors, this misstep does the opposite and lets the pages compete against each other.

Digital Growth by Eliminating Keyword Cannibalization with Pest Control Digital Marketing Agency

If you don’t want your website to compete against each other, which can harm your marketing efforts, do the SEO right. With the help of a pest control digital marketing agency, you can learn more about the latest algorithm updates and SEO trends to eliminate keyword cannibalization. Let’s find out the top 5 ways to identify and eliminate it.

  • Keep Information at One Place

How would you feel when you have to read the different parts of the same information in other books? Keyword cannibalization creates the same problem for the browser and audience. Keep the information in one place and add relevant keywords to the specific page to rank higher. Instead of competing with your website, demonstrate your expertise with specific keywords that are not repetitive on different pages.

  • Focus on Relevant Page

Suppose you want to rank the service page on top, but due to the excessive use of the same keyword, Google has ranked another page irrelevant to your goal. It will make your website lose authority and can’t focus on the relevant page. Understanding what page you want to rank on top is essential to stop devaluing the main page. Focus on the relevant page to prevent keyword cannibalization and put different keywords on every page.

  • Keep Difference in Content

How can Google differentiate what message you are trying to deliver to the audience when your content is the same for all the pages targeting the same keyword? Keyword cannibalization also happens when your content is not showing different values on different pages, and it makes Google push your website ranks down. Keep additional content on every page and give a different message to the audience to let algorithms verify your content value.

  • Low Conversion Rate

The conversion rate will plunge if keyword cannibalization is common on your website. Low conversion rates not only affect sales but also start diverting traffic to your competitor. Whenever your visitor lands on the less relevant page, they will leave the website immediately and won’t avail themselves of your pest control services. If you are not identifying the keyword cannibalization, you will lose out on the potential leads.

  • Remove Excessive Keywords

After being done with the complete website audit, you should remove the excessive keywords to improve your ranks on Google. Instead of making your website compete against one keyword, target the several long-tail keywords people use to search for similar services you provide. Don’t let anything diminish the authority of your cell phone repair business just because your SEO strategy is not done right.

If keyword cannibalization is a common problem on your website, it can challenge your business authority and credibility in the market because of low ranks on SERPs. The low sales, traffic and conversions will turn down business in the market.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the strategies to avoid keyword cannibalization?

To avoid keyword cannibalization, the first thing that should be considered is to acquire good SEO knowledge. To prevent keyword cannibalization, you should specify the market and use the appropriate keywords target.

How do pest control digital marketing agencies identify keyword cannibalization?

Pest control digital marketing agency has a certified team that understands how to deal with the keywords without adding them to every page excessively. They look into similar URLs by adding keywords to them and use the Google search console to get clear on them.

Should I use the same keyword on multiple pages?

Adding the same keywords on multiple pages won’t make your website rank higher; instead, it will confuse Google to recognize its relevance for the audience. Instead of sending negative signals to the browser, use different keywords on different web pages.

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